About Dewillish

A product of bad decisions,
years of self hatred,
commitments to survive,
and struggles to keep on shining brighter.

Hi there, Henny Dewillis here. I am now on my way to rebrand myself from RedZzdeLady into dewillish. RedZz is an alter ego at first, but as I go through life I came to an understanding that she’s… outdated. I have been growing into a lot more than RedZz. So, as I said, now I want to grow more into dewillish instead of fitting my life into the image of RedZzdeLady. Here are some serious info about my life as not-redzz.

Currently (October 2017) I’m working in one of the biggest automotive company in Indonesia as a marketing communication head. I also have been trusted to be involved in several other projects outside my main daily job.

In my free time I study Japanese because my significant other is a Japanese. なかなか上手にならないけど。。。 I go to gym and do yoga when I feel like it, though on the other hand I also eat cake for breakfast. Yeah I’m just a mere human.

I can be very sarcastic, and straightforward at times. I like keeping my thoughts to myself unless I can’t decide my own point or position in the matter, in which case I’d usually write. I’m also borderline unfriendly and socially awkward because I don’t like chit chat and bullshitting people. I, more often than not, say things as it is which can usually hurt people who are not used to people being so blunt. Note that I don’t usually mean to hurt people, though at the same time I usually mean what I say.

I can lead projects (like I do in my current job), even though I prefer to lay back and let the others lead (and then criticize them later lol). I have a high pride and easy to offend lol.

The things I dislike include: being disrespected / underestimated, being pranked, phone calls, bad grammar, and soggy socks.

So, yeah, that’s it. All in all, I’m just a mix of a messed up past, cynical jokes, with a pride too high for my own good. Either you are here because you’re lost and can’t find your way home, or you’re here because you’re looking for me…


I will be writing in both English and bahasa. I hope you’ll enjoy these fragments of my mind. Feel free to leave some pieces of your mind, too.

To know more about RedZzdeLady instead of dewillish, please click here.

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