Dear, My Man.

Dear, My Man.


I’m a lady who never stops trying to upgrade my self, my skills, my 3B’s (Brain, beauty, behavior), and I believe you knew it well. After all, you’ve been the closest person to me for quite some time now.

Something you might not know, however, is that before I met you, before I started this hectic journey of being lovable… I thought love is about win-or-lose. I thought, by exposing myself and showing my vulnerabilities, I’ll be weak and I’ll lose. Now I just can’t tell how many times I’ve shown you my vulnerable sides and you always care for me. Now I understand that in the right hands, vulnerabilities aren’t so scary. Losing isn’t so bad. After all in the end we’ll win together as a team.

On another topic. I also thought that “love” is something that happens automatically. I thought it was instant, and when it’s gone (which it will), then that’s the end. Hahaha.. How wrong I am. Now I know we need to cooperate to achieve “love”. I know “love” is a result of constant actions, and to achieve and keep it we need to constantly rekindle it. The way you show me to. The way you care for me and invest your time for me, you taught me that when two people in relationship cooperate, love can and will bloom all year round.

And yes, the me right now is more than ready to cooperate with you for more years to come. 🙂

In being your partner, I will stand by you with pride. Or in front of you when you need a guide, I’ll hold your hand and pull you through. Or behind you when you are confident; I’ll let you choose the direction and I will follow you. I will be devoted to you, I’ll give, I’ll accompany, I’ll I’ll be the most lovable lady that deserves to be with you. I will try to understand and open my mind, and always learn more and more so we can have a relationship that is stable and mature.

In return, what I ask from you, is to not take me for granted. Not that you’ve ever taken me for granted, but.. I’ve met the wrong people and I’ve been let down before. And now that I’m taking another shot with you and it’s been the best so far, you’ve made me fly so high, I’m just scared of falling and crashing to the ground. So this is what I ask from you: Please don’t let me down…

I hope you’d understand that I chose to love you, and I have the right to choose otherwise if my love is not reciprocated. Even though I don’t want to choose otherwise, but I can. Even though I can live without you, I don’t want to. Do you get what I’m saying? 🙂

I trust you to be in control cos I know you can lead us to a better future. I bow before your ego because I choose to respect you and I know you respect me too. I give you my best because I know you’d do the same for me. I know you’d never treat me rudely as you’ve always taken a good care of me, even with the smallest gestures you show me how you feel about me, and I can see that. I can see that you’d never hurt me, the same way I’d never dare to hurt you intentionally.

And with you, I am confident we are able to keep a strong love. You deserve the best of me, like I deserve to be loved the way you love me. And I can see us cooperating forever to keep the love alive. And even if I’m wrong and even if our cooperation can’t last forever, I hope it will last for as long as we both can. Till powerlessness do us apart.



With love,
your Lady.

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