Only us. And Garlic Bread. And Pork Ribs. And Fireworks.

Kemarin malam, Tomo kun ajak gw ke BlueGrass Bar and Grill. Sebetulnya gw ngga ngira dia bakal ngajak gw jalan, karna siangnya dia ada kerjaan, dan dia juga bilang dia kemungkinan bakal pergi sama temennya. Turned out, dia ajak gw jalan malem itu. Tomo kun pernah bilang kalau di BlueGrass ada pork ribs yang enak banget. Dan tempatnya fancy. Jadi dia suruh gw dress up, so I picked my red dress and black heels. I was very excited.

Sabtu sore, abis ngegym, gw ke tempat Tomo kun all dressed up, tapi ternyata dia belom siap. But it’s okay. Kita akhirnya nonton youtube bentar, abis itu dia baru siap-siap, dan kami pun berangkat ke BlueGrass. Turned out tempatnya emang keren dan fancy, the ceiling was beautiful. Kita dapet duduk di salah satu meja deket bar, di sebelah meja sekelompok orang Korea.

He ordered for us. Two glasses of beer for the appetizer (haha), and fried nutty brie and a salad. The thing is, berhubung bolt nya Tomo kun abis pulsa, jadi dia sama sekali nggak nyentuh HP. Dan gw juga cuman ambil HP buat motoin makanan yg dipesen, abis itu taroh balik ke dalem tas.

Jadi sepanjang kita nunggu makanan dateng, sampe ketika kita makan, dan sampe selesainya semuanya bener-bener private dan intimate, karna sama sekali nggak diganggu sama dunia luar.

Kita ngobrol tentang potongan roti yang ada di salad, yang gw bilang Garlic Bread but he insisted he didn’t taste any garlic there. So we were like, “We have to ask the waiter to settle down if it’s garlic bread or not.”

Selesai appetizer, kita sempet ngobrol bentar sebelum Tomo kun akhirnya pesen main course untuk malam itu, yaitu baby pork ribs. I feel kinda sad that I was drunk so I don’t really remember what we were chatting about in that gap time between when we finished our appetizers and until the main course came.

But it’s definitely something funny, cos I remembered I giggled / laughed a lot, and it makes me feel warm inside when I try to remember it.

Perhaps it was something about how the korean group came to the fancy place dessed in tshirts and shorts?

Anyway. The main course came, and we immediately cut and share it between us. And oh, my, god, it was heavenly. Like, the minute it reached my mouth and I chewed it, I thought “Holy shit my mouth is having an orgasm.”

If heaven is real, that must be it.

It was really really good.

Terus Tomo kun suruh coba makan pake potongan jeruk bakar yg disajiin bareng sama pork nya. And I did, and oh my God, it was like multiple orgasm in my mouth. It was, really, really, really good. Especially karena gw makannya bareng orang yg termasuk penting dalam hidup gw saat ini, kali ya. So it tasted much better. I mean, kalau gw makan itu bareng temen biasa, mungkin yah itu bakal enak, tapi gw rasa nggak akan seenak karna gw makan bareng Tomo kun.

That night was magical. Sepanjang acara dinner, karna nggak terganggu cellphone, kita masing-masing sangat numpahin konsentrasi ke each other. Gw sangat impressed sama how he treated me. Kayak, dia ngambilin makanan buat gw, dia nungguin gw yang makannya lama, dia made jokes to make me laugh, etc.

And also, in Bluegrass, the ceiling kinda reminds me of the fireworks I usually see on New Year’s eve in Kelapa Gading. Like when the biggest firework blows up in the air and make it looks like the whole sky is falling down upon you. But Tomo kun was kinda sceptical. He said, “But I don’t think you’ve ever seen a firework like this.”

Haha. Yeah. What do you expect. I’m from Indonesia.

That night ended. But it was so sweet that the next morning I woke up smiling, cuddling to my pillow like a little girl on her birthday morning. I’m very very happy.

This morning we went to the gym together, also with his colleague Vladimir. All three of us then went to have lunch and took some walk to the mall. After that, gw sama Tomo kun pulang ke tempatnya Tomo kun. Awalnya mau tidur siang, tapi ternyata itu udah sore. Dan lagian Tomo kun nyalain Friends di TV, jadi meski mau tidur tapi karna adegannya lucu banget gw jadi ketawa melulu ga bisa tidur.

After some time, around 6PM, Tomo kun decided to look up Japanese Fireworks on his cell to show me. It was so beautiful that he moved to his laptop for a bigger screen. And after a while we moved to the TV. We turned off all the lights in the room, and we just sat in front of the TV, with a can of beer in hand, and just watch fireworks for one good hour.

I cried a few times.

Not only because I was drunk, but because the fireworks were so goddamn beautiful, and I just thought to myself how it would feel to actually see it for real, in real life, together with this guy beside me.

It’s just simply too beautiful. I wonder if it will ever happen.

I remember thinking I don’t know what the future holds, I don’t know if I will ever get the chance to actually see the fireworks in person, I don’t know if I can still be with Tomo kun for as long as I want, but dear God I hope so. And even if I don’t get the chance to see the Japanese fireworks in person, I’d be very grateful to have that man to always watch fireworks on youtube with.

After all, what’s precious to me is him.

He lights my whole sky with his own kind of fireworks.




I must be drunk.

But anyway. It was a really lovely weekend. One of the best dates I have ever had. Ever. …….But then again, all of my best dates are the dates I had with him. Haha. Hahaha. Hahahaha.

Okay I’m drunk. I should go to sleep.


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