Yawning Lion

A fierce, strong, dependable, and alpha lion male, lied down beside me with sleepy eyes and lazy yawns. And I yawned too, imitating him. And as his huge paws lied quietly on top of my head, we closed our eyes together… The last thing I saw, was him. The last thing I heard, was his slow breath.

After some playing time in our separate dreams, the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes again was also him. And his lazy stare. Then he yawned, and so did I. Then he snuggled sleepily in an attempt to get closer to me, to share body heat under the blanket. He tried his best to ignore my hair gently tickling his face–but soon he surrendered and threw his face the other way.

I smiled. Cos even when he was not looking, his paws never once stopped making sure I was still there with him.

I guess that’s how I will remember him, with this warm, fuzzy feelings in my heart:  An alpha lion male at his most vulnerable time.

And yeah, I know. I’m one hell of a lucky lioness.

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