I repeat : Don’t work for International Language Center Indonesia. If you are a foreigner looking for a steady job.

First of, get real, it’s not international in any way. It’s just opened in Jakarta and some other big cities in Indonesia (I guess? But I’m not sure), and not all over the world. The term ‘international’ in their name, i assume, refers to the fact that they have teachers from all around the world. For example there was a Ukrainian girl who lived in Dubai for some time and somehow she taught English at ILC. ….Come to think of it, she alone could have represented the “international” image right.

Secondly, they treat the teachers badly. I have at least 3 friends who are foreigner and were teachers at ILC, and they were treated horribly.

For example, Karin (not a real name) is a teacher at ILC Citraland. When ILC opened a new school at Lebak Bulus, Karin and some other native teachers were sent to be a teacher there. But it didn’t mean they didn’t have to teach at Ciputra anymore, no. They just have to do Mon-Wed-Fri at Citraland and Tue-Thu at Lebak Bulus. And even though ILC paid for the taxi to go from Ciputra to Lebak Bulus, but they didn’t get a raise. Only after they asked for it and had to be very stubborn about it, that they got the raise they deserved.

But that’s just a small case. There’s an event that made me furious, and it happened just a few days ago. At that time Karin already resigned from ILC and the other two friends I have were still working for ILC. Suddenly I got a news: The two native guys were fired.

It was so sudden that I was very shocked, because both are good teachers and didn’t have any problem with their students the last year. I heard that day was ONLY TEN DAYS BEFORE THEIR KITAS EXPIRED. Btw kitas is a permit to live momentarily in Indonesia. And the reason why ILC fired them? Because it was quite expensive to extend their kitas. It will cost around $2500-$3000 and ILC doesn’t have that kind of money. So they just fire the two poor clueless guys.

and other than that there are lots of other reasons you have to consider. for example, you don’t get insurance, the fee is small and it’s hard to get a raise (but this one is common in indonesia anyway, since the standard of living is not too high), and some other things.

actually language course in Jakarta is booming nowadays. they usually have the same kind of program for the students, like so:

the students need to pay a certain amount of money for a few months membership (i paid 4million to get 8months membership), and during that period of time the student is free to get to as many classes as he/she wants. mind you, my teacher friends also said that this system is difficult for them.

imagine having a class of three people. one person came on your first and second class but missed the third, now she’s here for the fourth class, no? then there’s another person who came on your first, second, and third class but missed the fourth. meanwhile the third person came on all your classes and never skipped even one, and now is his fifth class with you already.

how are you gonna teach? which subject? cos the first and second student missed a subject. but if you wanna repeat your subject, the third student will probably gain no benefit. dilematic no?

so anyway. sorry if my writing today is a bit messy, i’m very sleepy but i just have to put this out there.

DON’T. Don’t work for International Language Course Indonesia.


  1. Misterdatta · March 16, 2016

    Well hey, ILC Surabaya just mailed me that they want to do some interview. I’m not international teacher. Do you know how much is the salary for local teacher? Do they treat all the staff well? Thank you

  2. RedZzdeLady · March 16, 2016

    dari yang saya denger dari teman2 yang ngajar di ILC, untuk guru lokal kendalanya hanya pekerjaan yg kadang dobel-dobel karna kurang tenaga kerja. positifnya, jadi ada chance untuk ambil jabatan tinggi seperti director of studies, atau yg koordinir time sheet teacher. bagus buat portfolio dan pengalaman.

    soal gaji saya nggak tau berapa, tapi ya jangan berharap banyak lah. ILC di jakarta sudah banyak yg tutup dan guru-gurunya mulai banyak yg resign, jadi pasti ILC surabaya pun nggak bisa gaji banyak. kan pemiliknya satu.

  3. Arakamu · August 22, 2017

    Good Afternoon.. Dewilissh-san , i just stopped to ur website..after i read ur article about gakushudo n evergreen comparison… now i am reading this article… wow… i got shock for it.. ..kata “internasional”nya cukup membuat orang mengira itu sebuah lembaga dengan kredibilitas dan kualitas bertaraf sebagaimana orang bayangkan sesuai namanya… sempat penasaran dengan ILC kursus bahasa asing berbagai bahasa … hebat bener bisa mengakomodir, memanage dalam satu lembaga/institusi, penasaran bagaimana membuat program studynya, tenaga pengajar ,kurikulum dll… dari kasus ini saya berkesimpulan ( untuk di indonesia) kalau ingin kursus bahasa asing apapun itu.. mending ke lembaga kursus yang memang fokus menyelenggarakan program belajar bahasa asing satu bahasa saja dan memang fopkus dan terbukti ,, e.g like english course dah banyak ada EF, LIA, ET… Germany like Goethe Institute… France institut Francais de”indonesie ..

  4. Arakamu · August 22, 2017

    so the conclusion is don’t judge the Foreign Laguage Course/institution from its name… ha ha

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