Make Me a Team Member!

A few weeks ago, Tomo kun and I had our first … … I can’t quite say it was an argument or a fight, but I was definitely pissed by it and I was angry.

Now I know if you know me well enough you’d know how rarely I get angry. Probably like once every 2 months? Maybe? And I know that if you don’t know me quite well, you’d think I’m not capable of ever being angry.

But that time, I did.

It all started with a farewell party of his important friend that was coming up on a Sunday night. A few days before Sunday, he’d told me he’ll be free Sunday afternoon, so my mom invited him to come.

You should see my mom. She was somehow more nervous than I was—she thought about what to cook, and she’d told herself to clean the house before Tomo kun came, and she’d ask me questions about what Tomo kun likes to eat.

Friday, two days before the due date, Tomo kun told me that he and his friends still needed to prepare a last gift for the friend. They were making a photo album, they even had a professional photo session. But two days before the farewell party, they were still deciding which photos will be put where. However, Tomo kun said they will print the photobook on Saturday, they have all day Saturday anyway.

Saturday morning. I had to go to an office thing outside Jakarta, but I heard from Tomo kun that they are going to the printing shop. So I was a bit relaxed. They started early, so it was possible to finish the printing on the same day.

Saturday noon. Tomo kun said the printing shop was so crowded, so they went to a nearby coffee shop to wait. Okay, so I assumed they put the design to the printing shop but had to queue, and the queue was long so they went for coffee.

Saturday afternoon. Tomo kun said the printing shop was still too crowded so he and his friends went to cut their hair. So they would look good for the farewell party. Ha. Boys.

It was 4PM when my office thing was finished and I just had my lunch. I was on my way back to Jakarta when Tomo kun suddenly said he might not be able to come to my place Sunday morning.


Why? Because the printing thing is not done yet.

But all that’s left to do is just printing it right? It won’t even take 5 hours, surely you can finish it by today. Yeah but before printing it we should first change it into a design format, so it will take time.

What do you mean change it into a design format? what format is it in now? Powerpoint.




Wait, you guys are making a photobook. On Powerpoint. And now you have to make it into “design format”. And because of that you can’t come to my house. Even though I already told my mom you’re coming. And my mom has been giddy all the time and excited. And I am a designer. I work as a designer in my office. I do design and stuff. Surely I can make a photobook on my Adobe Illustrator CC. And I’m your girlfriend by the way.

I remember I was very angry at this, that I actually forget what I said to him at that time. But I got him into agreeing that I will come meet them at their salon and make the design into Adobe Illustrator format while they were having their hair cut.

I also remember I told him that I didn’t like how it turned out. I told him to make a me a team member, I didn’t want to be an outsider and I will be more than pleased if I could be of any help. I didn’t like to be left out, while he told me they can handle it, but turned out it’s messing with my plan.

So I told the taxi driver that I didn’t want to go back home and will go to Kemang instead. It was around 7PM when I arrived there, mouth in straight line, and only smiled necessarily to his friends.

I got my laptop out and started working, first with desperation because I couldn’t install fonts on my office’s laptop—it’s password protected. There were also other problems, such as how the pages are not arranged appropriately to be printed with the kind of binding they want.

I was in a very very bad mood that when Tomo kun interrupted with “I don’t wanna interrupt your work but you, are so cool,” I just replied him with “Shut up.”

But anyway the work went on, and I finished by 9.30PM.

I gave the file to his friend who promised to take care of everything so Tomo kun could come to my house the morning after. (Thanks Ryu kun! Aku padamu!)

They insisted to put “editor” above my name and I refused. I don’t know how they perceived my refusal, but I refused not because I wanted to be humble. Quite the contrary, it was actually because I thought if I was the one to make the photobook from scratch, with the one month I would have had, I would have made a better design, with better fonts and of course better proportions.

I know I sound a bit arrogant, that’s why I didn’t tell them why I didn’t want the title “editor” on my name. I just told them it’s because I didn’t edit anything.

Anyway after that Tomo kun took me home, and on the way home he was still very troubled cos that was the first time he’s ever seen me mad. He’d asked if I was mad, and I said yes sharply. I told him that even if they took it to the Printing Shop tonight, the people in the Printing Shop would have the fastness that I have—I’m not a very skilled designer, but I work very very fast. So even if they got to the Printing Shop today, it will still take a long long time.

It wouldn’t even start to happen if he had asked for my help from the very beginning. He said he would have, if I didn’t have the office thing and had to go out of Jakarta. But I dismissed it cos I thought they have planned about this from a month ago. Surely there’s time to tell me if they were gonna need my help.

I also reminded him that because I am his girlfriend, I don’t want to be an outsider, I want to help as much as I can, and he doesn’t have to “protect” me because he doesn’t want to trouble me. I don’t like it, and I hate it if it somehow disturb or ruin my time together with him.

I think that was the longest drive home we ever had. Cos I was very angry and he was nervous and sleepy and gak enak badan all at the same time. It was 11PM when I reached home.

However. Sunday came. Tomo kun came to my house as promised, so I was back to my haha hehe mode. Tomo kun kept repeating how scary I’d looked the day before. Hahahaha

I heard from Tomo kun that Ryu kun was still editing on Sunday morning, and I thought maybe he was rearranging the pages, because the arrangement was still a mess. It was tough and difficult, but they got to print it on time. Sunday night, they gave it to the special friend 🙂

I got the book too by the way. Which I .. actually .. don’t really like, because it turned out Ryu did put “editor” above my name. It pissed me off a bit, even though I know he meant well, but still, I don’t want to receive the title. Especially after I took a look at the book and found out that the fonts that I had chosen were replaced with different fonts.

So yeah. As a designer, I don’t like it.

But as a friend, I really appreciate his (and his friends’ care) to acknowledge my help. I was more than willing to help, especially because their special friend is also special to me. (Michio san! I’m lucky to find someone so special in so many people’s heart!)

From this event, I believe Tomo kun can now see me as a team member, and understand that I don’t like it if he can’t keep his promise, especially if it’s about our time together. :3 And I believe he already knows how scary I get when I’m mad.

I have never seen him mad yet I guess. It’s not like I’m looking forward to it, but I wanna see. Though I hope he won’t get mad about me hahaha

Eh udah ya segini dulu. udah hampir 1500 kata LOL.


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