Until You Decide Otherwise

From time to time, people go like,

“If you were serious, why didn’t you fight for it?? And now it’s ended just like that and you’re not gonna do anything about that??”

So I will answer this, once and for all. Just because I didn’t seem gloomy or blue, doesn’t mean I wasn’t fighting. I have been fighting for years and now my fight is over, simple as that.

Well we are all a little naive if we think love would last forever no matter what. It fades away. And the truth is, I won’t love forever unconditionally.


Once the relationship is over, I’ll stop loving too. Not because I wasn’t serious, no. I WAS serious and I put everything I have to save the relationship BEFORE it was over. But now that it’s over, ya that’s it. I tried my best and it didn’t work, ya udah.

Now move on.

After all, I regard my future higher than a broken relationship.

Jadi hubungan pacaran itu bukan love for ever after, yang meski setelah diputusin atau ditinggalin pun tetep nongkrong ngemis cinta di depan pintu. No, that’s not in my dictionary.

So, for those of you who judged me for moving on so fast, know that I have a future to chase, and know that my strong rules and values are not for light-hearted and sensitive people who romanticize romance.

There’s a theory behind falling in love and staying in love, there’s a logic behind broken hearts and there’s a way to move on.

RedZzdeLady here is going to prove it.

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  1. Kev d'Salvo · February 8, 2015

    Cayo ^_^

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