Chasing the Sky!

Beberapa bulan lalu, Serena seorang temen gue dari Italia, nemuin link dari Qraved tentang 7 rooftop bar di Jakarta (Now there are 10 instead of 7). Berhubung kala itu gue baru putus dan butuh pengalih perhatian, gue pun memutuskan untuk ngajak Serena ngiderin semua rooftop bar itu. Sekarang kita udah di rooftop ke-4. Gue pake bahasa Inggris aja yah biar go international.

1. Sky Lounge

So Serena said “we should go to Sky first, my friends recommended it”. It was after rain yet we still go anyway, thinking it would be awesome…. It was not.

By the time we got there, there was no one. The place was empty, only with a bartender and a clueless waitress. The waitress was looking at us like “what the hell are you doing here?”

The place was a rooftop restaurant alright, but there were walls surrounding the place. We basically couldn’t see anything but upwards to the sky. It was right after the rain stopped, so the tables and chairs on the open-roof side were wet. Yet we still insisted to sit there anyway.

It was a bit awkward and unpleasant. I then realized that this was not the Sky Serena was referring to. She was referring to Skye.

2. Mama Rosy, Kemang. 

I skipped this one because I lost my phone 5 minutes before the meetup time with the girls. Serena said this place rocks and we promised to go there again after we finished the cycle.

3. Cloud Lounge, The Plaza


This place rocks. Definitely one of my favorite places to hang out. Though it’s a bit pricey and I spent 200k on cocktails, I had lots of fun here. We gossiped a lot (there were 4 of us) about guys.

There’s also a memorable event happened here. When we were talking, suddenly the waiter came with a drink for Serena (in the picture, she’s the one on the right). The drink’s name is a foreign language that we happened to know that the meaning is Black Negro or something. It was bought by a guy sitting behind us, so Serena wanted to wave and say thanks, but the guy was on the phone.

Not one of us liked the drink because it tasted too strong, and every time Serena glanced at the person who gave that to her, he was always on the phone. Eventually he was forgotten because we got into a serious gossip and things to laugh about. Suddenly the guy came to Serena. When we thought “Ah, this is it, he’s gonna ask her to go with him,” he let us down. He was like “Hey, I need to go now, so I hope you enjoy your drink and good bye.”

He didn’t even ask for her number. Strange?

4. Skye, Menara BCA

xIMG_1835Definitely my favorite place other than cloud. The view is super, the ambiance is good, the staff and waiters are all very friendly and helpful. When I saw Serena with her striking dress I decided we should all do a little touch ups with our make ups. Hence the red lips, if it’s even remotely noticeable.

There are two things I remember about this place. First, the wind was fierce. Second, when Serena and I went for a photo session, we came back to our table, only to see Clara smiling widely. Turned out some foreigners next to our table talked to her while we were gone. Guess what Clara told me then? “Can you guys go again? Maybe then they will talk to me again.”

And, being the good friends that we are, we obliged.

Those are the four places we have visited. This weekend I’m planning to go to either BARTS or Skyloft… Only six places more to go… VAMOS! 😀 😀


  1. Kev d'Salvo · January 23, 2015

    Coba cari beasiswa S2 dech…. you might find someone cute or smart or bule…

    … or all of the above ^_^

  2. RedZz · January 23, 2015

    I’ve found one cute and smart bule ^_^ tetep doakan aja yah Kev 😄

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