I want to be fearless. Not afraid of failing, not afraid of being left behind. I want to have a little more faith in me, that I am capable to pull things through. I want to trust myself, that someday soon, i’ll be able to stand higher.

I want to be fearless. Not afraid of dying, not afraid of living. I want to live life to the fullest, each and every moment of it. I want to believe that by the end of my life i’d be able to leave behind a good tale to my descendants. Carpe diem.

I want to be fearless. Not afraid of losing, not afraid of letting go. I want to be fully aware that nothing is immortal, people change, either better or worse. I want to understand that i dont own anything in this life, even my own life is not mine.

I want to be fearless. Not afraid of taking chances, not afraid to push my “luck”. I’d like to see the benefits of risks. I’d love to challenge myself and see what i’m capable of.

I want to be fearless. Not afraid of being critized, not afraid of being stabbed from behind. I want to believe my friends are qualified to be my friends. I want them to think the same about me.

I want to be fearless. Not afraid of reading, not afraid of writing. I want my words to be alive on their own, so that when i’m gone people will remember me for my words. I’d love to be cherished for what i’ve said as much as for what i’ve done.

I want to be fearless. Not afraid of being poor, not afraid of being rich. I love to think about how immortal money is, so I’m gonna use it as MY slave, not me as its. I’d love to use it to my heart’s content, and for the pleasure of those around me as well.

But for now, there’s something i want more than anything else..

I want to be fearless, not afraid of loving, not afraid of being loved. I need to know that if i kiss him like however i want to kiss him, i wont get him infected in any kind of infection i’m having right now. I need to be sure that if I’m making some kind of love with him, it’d just be love. Just me. Just him. And not some kind of poisonous love that will ruin him in any kind of way.

I want badly to kiss him, fearlessly.

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  1. Kev d'Salvo · September 8, 2012

    You dont need to want it. You simply are.

  2. RedZz · September 11, 2012

    aww kev :”>

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