dear RedZz..

dear RedZz..

u chose to Live in reaLity..
a pLace where u know that dreams aren’t exist..
a pLace when you think things are just so normaL,
when peopLe reject, peopLe disappoint,
peopLe hurt, peopLe come n peopLe go.

the pLace where you know
things are LikeLy to come in the way you Least expected..

you’ve started so weLL..
can’t u see now how the way you think is so understanding?
can’t u feeL now that peopLe come to u
to ask your opinions..
to seek the answer from u.
can’t u see now how your thoughts protect u from being hurted?

yeah, u started it strong, RedZz..
but maybe just a LittLe too strong..

there are times when u might feeL unwanted..
times when u might feeL rejected..
times when things aren’t go the way you want them to be..

maybe there are aLso times, when u have to trust..
or beLieve in the so-caLLed dreams..
trusting your wants n needs to the other..
RedZz, u have to Learn that.

u’re a girL, treat yourseLf as so.
u’re an understanding person, everyone knows that..
but you’re never perfect, n no one expects you to be one.
you Live, not onLy for the peopLe around u,
but aLso for yourseLf..

why do you keep on saying
“it’s not your fauLt.. it’s a normaL thing, peopLe do mistakes.”
when someone say sorry to u,
whiLe you have to say sorry and they wiLL bLame you anyway.

why you have to aLWaYS give your best to the others,
whiLe the others don’t give u the eQuaL payment?

it’s so nice of you, for being so generous..
but not everyone appreciate what u do..
not everyone deserve your generousity..

sometimes you have to think for yourseLf..
choose what you want, have your own best portion..

you may not be perfect that way,
but remember that no one expects you to be one..
neither have anyone be perfect..

you may have those unwanted tears once in a whiLe
to keep ur sensitivity baLanced..
you may have those fears when the thunders roar..
those sLeepLess nights when crocoach is waLking on ur waLL..

those feeLings are normaL,
you are a girL..
part of you were created to be taken care of..

Live your Life to the fuLLest, RedZz..

Lots of Love n best wishes,
– RedZz –

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